Social Initiatives

Policy Concerning Respect for Human Rights

The Asset Management Company stipulates the following human rights policies based on Mitsui Fudosan’s “Mitsui Fudosan Group Human Rights Policy” and “Mitsui Fudosan Group Sustainable Procurement Standards.”

  • Respect for human rights
    The Asset Management Company respects human rights without discriminating based on gender, age, birthplace, nationality, ethnicity, race, creed, religion, health, disability or any other reason, and promotes initiatives, such as the formation of internal systems and a work environment where diverse personnel can play active roles.
  • Prevention of child labor and forced labor
    The Asset Management Company will observe laws and regulations and internal rules, and will thoroughly eliminate and prevent child labor and forced labor.
  • Prevention of overwork
    The Asset Management Company will work to suppress overwork and reduce overtime work, taking into consideration the maintenance and improvement of employees’ health and work-life balance.
  • Respect of the freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
    The Asset Management Company recognizes that employees have the right to organize, the right to collective bargaining and the right to strike.
  • Payment of wages higher than the minimum wage
    The Asset Management Company’s basic policy is to not only observe minimum wage rules in the labor laws, but to pay a wage that exceeds those requirements.

Initiatives for Respecting Human Rights

The status of The Asset Management Company’s initiatives is as follows.

Respect for human rights

None of the various types of harassment, such as sexual harassment or power harassment, or discrimination have occurred thus far.
The Asset Management Company is advancing enhancement activities, such as by continuing to regularly carry out training related to the various types of harassment, discrimination and LGBT awareness.

(Training examples)

Unconscious bias training 1 time
Business and human rights 1 time
Human rights enlightenment training 1 time

Prevention of child labor and forced labor

The Asset Management Company has never used child or forced labor.
We thoroughly observe laws and regulations so that child labor and forced labor do not occur.

Prevention of overwork

There have been no cases of long overtime work that violates the Article 36 agreement.
The Asset Management Company will observe the “Article 36 agreement” by monitoring working hours to reduce unreasonably long working hours and overtime work.
In addition to the Article 36 agreement, we internally communicate the various labor agreements, work regulations, etc. posted on our internal portal site.

Appropriate wage payment

The Asset Management Company clearly indicates internal regulations, such as salary regulations, the composition and breakdown of salary in labor contracts, the calculation method and the wage table, which is based on job grade, and pays appropriate wages.

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