Environmental Initiatives

Reducing Environmental Burden

FRI aims to create retail facilities with little environment impact by promoting energy- and resource-saving initiatives at its properties.

Energy Management Across the Portfolio as a Whole

Aiming to conduct ongoing environmental management, including efforts to reduce energy consumption, FRI carries out data collection, compilation and analysis through outside experts.

For the data of Energy consumption, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, Water consumption, Waste emissions and Food garbage recycling results, please refer to ESG Data.

Saving Energy

FRI strives to promote energy saving by installing LED lighting.

    (Installed in 2014)

  • AEON MALL Ibaraki
    (Installed in 2015)

  • BRANCH Hakata Papillon Garden
    (Installed under the renovation
    project in 2019-2020)

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

FRI strives to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions through a variety of initiatives, including installing wind turbines and chargers for electric vehicles and wall greening.

Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport IWATA

  • Wind turbines

  • Quick charger for electric vehicles

Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport SHIN-MISATO

  • Wind turbines with
    attached solar panels

  • Quick charger for
    electric vehicles

  • Wall greening

Saving water

FRI strives to reduce water consumption through a variety of initiatives, including installation of water-saving toilets and water-efficient taps.

  • BRANCH Hakata Papillon Garden

  • AEON STYLE Shinagawa Seaside

Reducing Waste

FRI strives to reduce waste by working with tenants to recycle food waste from restaurants and other facilities as fertilizer and animal feed, and by promoting used paper collection.

  • Ecospo ( Collecting used paper )
    BRANCH Hakata Papillon Garden

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