Environmental Initiatives

The Asset Management Company has established Energy Conservation Guidelines, GHG Emissions Reduction Guidelines, Water Efficiency Guidelines and Waste Management Guidelines in February 2015, as part of efforts to reduce carbon emissions. These guidelines include targets for reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions, water consumption and waste and specify related target management practices as follows.

Saving Energy

(1)Setting of reduction targets for total consumption of primary energy or basic unit of consumption
  • Pursuant to the Energy Conservation Act (Act on the Rational Use of Energy), the basic target has been set for reducing the basic unit of energy consumption by 1% annually on average over the medium to long term for the entire portfolio and individual properties.
  • The term for the medium-to long-term target is set for the upcoming five years. If separate targets are required by local regulations, etc., relating to countermeasures against global warming, individual targets shall be set.
(2)Management of targets
  • The success or failure in achieving the targets (capability or incapability of achieving the targets over the medium to long term) shall be confirmed by comparing the actual figures for the current fiscal year with the energy consumption of the preceding fiscal year or multiple fiscal years in the past. Management reviews of plans and actual results of energy consumption shall be implemented every six months in order to identify the causes for increase or decrease.

CO2 Emissions

(1)Target setting on CO2 emissions
  • Based on the reduction target of energy consumption, the reduction target for CO2 emission intensity shall be set as a rolling five-year average of 1% per year for the whole portfolio.
  • Target values shall be set separately for properties subject to municipal regulations on global warming mitigation measures.
(2)Target management
  • Budget control by comparing actual performance with target values and understanding the state of progress shall be carried out semiannually for directly managed assets and annually for indirectly managed assets.
  • We shall investigate causes and consider measures when actual performance does not reach target values.

Water Consumption

(1)Reduction target setting for total water consumption and water consumption intensity
  • A cut in water consumption intensity for the whole portfolio and individual properties averaging 1% per year shall be set as a provisional target.
  • The period for attaining this medium-to-long term target shall be set at five years.
(2)Target management
  • Actual performance during the current year shall be measured and compared with consumption in previous year(s), and the feasibility of achieving the target (i.e., whether the target can be achieved in the medium to long run) shall be reviewed. Target management shall be carried out semiannually to understand the cause of rises or falls in water consumption.

Waste Generated

(1)Reduction Target Setting for Per-Unit Waste Reduction
  • Setting the medium-to long-term basic target of reducing per-unit waste generation by an annual average of 1% for the entire portfolio.
(2)Target management
  • Plans and results shall be subject to management review comparing target figures with results to evaluate progress every twelve months.

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