FRI’s Sustainability

A Message to Our Stakeholders

The Ministry of the Environment forecasts that if global warming were to continue on its present course without the implementation of effective countermeasures, summers in Tokyo would reach temperatures over 40 degrees centigrade in 2100, and the wind speed of typhoons would rise to a maximum of 90 meters per hour. Judging from the severity of the torrential rains and typhoons caused by climate change in recent years, we feel that these forecasts are not fiction, but instead pose a crisis that is all too possible.
To ensure that the world and society in which we live every day remain environmentally sound and that our business continues to grow sustainably, Frontier Real Estate Investment Corporation (“FRI”), which holds and manages retail facilities, and Mitsui Fudosan Frontier REIT Management Inc. (the “Asset Management Company”), are pursuing measures to reduce our environmental impact, leading to a reduction in CO₂ emissions.

We believe that we must not be a homogenous organization, but rather adopt approaches that value organizational diversity.
About half of the officers and employees of the Asset Management Company are women, and our members come from diverse career backgrounds. We believe that a vibrant corporate atmosphere with open communication in which employees can exchange their views on a regular basis is the source of new ideas.
We also believe that providing an environment that focuses on each individual employee supporting the organization, as well as their families, and enables them to work in a healthy way with energy and motivation is an important management issue. We work together with employees to pursue health management initiatives that will maintain and improve employees’ health to ensure that the Asset Management Company remains sustainable.

In strengthening the governance system, we will give priority to the transparency of decision-making, with compliance and risk management taking utmost precedence. Moreover, by reinforcing dialogue with investors through intensive IR activities, we will maintain a system that is transparent externally as well.

FRI strives to achieve its mission of building sustainable relationships with all stakeholders and raising the medium- and long-term value for unitholders by further augmenting its initiatives aimed at addressing ESG issues in real-estate investment management going forward, and disclosing its results appropriately. We ask for your continuing support and understanding.

Mitsui Fudousan Frontier REIT Management Inc.
Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director
 Shintaro Ono

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