Frontier Real Estate Investment Corporation

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Contact Us


For inquiries regarding Frontier Real Estate Investment Corporation, please contact the following:

Contact Us

(Asset Management Company)
Mitsui Fudosan Frontier REIT Management Inc.

Telephone: +81-3-3289-0440 Fax: +81-3-3289-0445
Inquiry Form

  *The site will direct you to the inquiry form of the Asset
   Management Company

In addition to the contact listed above, Mitsui Fudosan Frontier REIT Management Inc. aim to resolve complaints and conflicts through mediation conducted by the organization listed below. This organization has concluded an agreement with The Investment Trusts Association, Japan, with which Mitsui Fudosan Frontier REIT Management Inc. is affiliated, in commissioning work such as the handling of complaints and conflict resolution. When using this service, please contact the following.

Name: Financial Instruments Mediation Assistance Center (specified nonprofit corporation)
Address: 2-1-1, Nihombashi-kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Telephone: 0120-64-5005 (toll-free, only available within Japan)
Monday-Friday, 9:00-17:00, excluding holidays
*Please note that this service is provided in Japanese only.
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