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Our Commitment


A Message to Our Stakeholders

The average lifespan in Japan today is longer than ever, and many people can expect to celebrate their 100th birthday. Accordingly, we are being called to deliver more robust asset formation vehicles. Mitsui Fudosan Frontier REIT Management Inc. (the “Asset Management Company”) is therefore committed to fulfilling its important roles as a corporate citizen and as the asset manager for Frontier Real Estate Investment Corporation (“FRI”).

Specifically, we implement asset management policies that focus on stable returns while maintaining proper risk consciousness. In doing so, we steadily deliver distributions from real estate profit so that our investors can rest assured that their unit holdings in our J-REIT will continue rewarding them over the long term. To this end, we endeavor to develop sustainable relationships with a variety of stakeholders.

Maintaining the soundness and sustainability of the global environment and society is essential to ongoing real estate management. As owners and managers of commercial facilities, we engage in initiatives aimed at assessing and reducing energy consumption and thereby curbing the environmental burden attributable to operations.

Moreover, we are determined to steadfastly comply with laws and regulations while maintaining and enhancing our corporate governance. We place particular emphasis on securing the traceability of the decision making process. In other words, we believe that governance must be backed by an open corporate culture that facilitates the frank exchange of opinions as well as an organizational management approach that encourages every individual to engage in thoroughgoing discussion.

We also strive to ensure an inclusive workplace environment that helps employees realize their full potential. We have in place various programs associated with human resource evaluation and training to help further develop employees’ abilities. Such programs are provided for officers and employees both at FRI and the Asset Management Company in order to facilitate their personal growth and actualization in the course of their duties. The sustainability of our operations largely hinges on, we believe, the success of these pursuits.

For FRI’s operations to remain sustainable, the Asset Management Company must also be sustainable. With this in mind, we see the recent trend toward ESG-oriented investment as harmonizing with our raison d'être.

Our involvement in various ESG-related initiatives is an investment aimed at long-term returns. Therefore, we will steadily implement these initiatives while prioritizing effectiveness. Looking ahead, we sincerely ask for your continued support and understanding.

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