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Environmental Initiatives


External Certifications/Assessments

FRI has received environmental certification/recognition from the following external assessment organizations for its sustainability activities.

GRESB Real Estate Assessment
In the 2019 GRESB Real Estate Assessment, FRI received a "Green Star" rating for the five consecutive years and an assessment rank of "4 Star" in GRESB Rating.



■ East Asia Listed / Retail Sector 3rd out of 7
■ Global / All Participants 292nd out of 964
Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB)
GRESB assesses the sustainability of real estate companies and operators. Said assessment is closely watched, as institutional investors use the GRESB benchmark assessment when they select investment targets.
DBJ Green Building Certification

"DBJ Green Building Certification" is a comprehensive evaluation system for real estate properties with high environmental and social awareness by Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ). DBJ conducts an assessment based on the original scoring model and certifies real estate properties with five ranks of certification according to the score from the assessment.

FRI has received DBJ Green Building Certification for the following properties .

Certification rank

  • ★★★★★╱5 star

    Properties with
    the best class
    environmental &
    social awareness

    4stars Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Iwata

    Mitsui Shopping Park
    LaLaport IWATA

    5stars Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport SHIN-MISATO

    Mitsui Shopping Park
    LaLaport SHIN-MISATO

  • ★★★★╱4 star

    Properties with
    exceptionally high
    environmental &
    social awareness

    4stars You Me Town Hiroshima

    You Me Town Hiroshima

    4stars AEON MALL Ibaraki

    AEON MALL Ibaraki

    3stars Mitsui Outlet Park IRUMA

    Mitsui Outlet Park IRUMA



    3stars Mitsui Shopping Park LaLagarden KASUKABE

    Mitsui Shopping Park
    LaLagarden KASUKABE

  • ★★★╱3 star

    Properties with
    social awareness

    5stars Ikebukuro GLOBE

    Ikebukuro GLOBE

    5stars VIORO


    3stars Ikebukuro Square

    Ikebukuro Square

* For more details, please refer to the website of DBJ Green Building.

CASBEE Assessment

The "Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency" ("CASBEE") is a system for comprehensively assessing and ranking the environmental performance of buildings with regard to aspects such as the enhancement of environmental quality and performance including indoor comfort and consideration for the landscape, on top of the aspect of environmental consideration such as energy saving and the use of materials and equipment with a lower environmental burden.

FRI has received CASBEE Assessment for the following properties.

Assessment rank

  • CASBEE Real Estate Certification

    Rank S



    CASBEE for Buildings (New Construction)

    Rank A
    (as a result of
     self assessment)

    BRANCH Hakata Papillon Garden

    BRANCH Hakata
    Papillon Garden

SMBC Environmental Assessment
"SMBC Environmental Assessment Loan" is a system in which the state of a company's environmental consideration is assessed using criteria prepared independently by the Japan Research Institute, Limited, and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation sets conditions for loans according to the results of the assessment.
The degree of progress in environmental management is comprehensively gauged from four aspects: [1] The state of awareness of environmental loads; [2] the extent of environmental conservation measures and the results of such efforts; [3] the state of environmental management system building; and [4] the extent of initiatives for environmental communication and environmental business.

FRI is the first J-REIT to receive this assessment.

Assessment rank


Implementing excellent environmental consideration

Key points of the assessment

[1] Keeping track of main environmental loads, such as energy usage, in FRI's owned real estate, with a detailed analysis of factors increasing and decreasing those loads.
[2] Posting "Sustainability Policy" for FRI's asset management company, clearly stating its position on consideration of the environment and local communities through asset management, and pursuing ongoing improvement in environmental activities at owned real estate.
[3] Actively pursuing specific environmental consideration initiatives, such as providing large cycle-parking facilities, encouraging the use of public transport by running campaigns in favor of visiting FRI's owned real estate by bus or train, investing in energy-saving renovations such as conversion to LED in the lighting fixtures of public areas, and introducing renewable energy.

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