Operational Policy

FRI’s Basic Policy and Features

FRI’s basic policy is to pay stable distributions over the medium to long term. With Mitsui Fudosan as its sponsor, FRI leverages the Mitsui Fudosan Group’s expertise in retail facility management to simultaneously realize stability and growth in its portfolio. Furthermore, FRI continues to realize external growth by acquiring diverse retail facilities developed and managed by the Mitsui Fudosan Group.

Investment Targets

FRI’s primary investment targets are real estate used as suburban retail facilities or urban retail buildings as well as securities backed by such real estate.

Portfolio Composition


FRI focuses investment on properties that align with the concept of Mitsui Fudosan’s retail facility business, “We seek a new form of retail property, one that is rooted in the local community and that we can grow together with customers: Growing Together.” FRI’s approach to building its portfolio is based on the belief that such investment will contribute to the long-term, stable enhancement of unitholder value.

The main property types in which FRI is invested are as shown in the table below.

Large-scale shopping center
Regional SC
A large-scale shopping center (SC) which houses multiple specialty stores.
Outlet mall
A large-scale shopping center (SC) in which multiple outlet stores are concentrated.
Medium-scale shopping center
Neighborhood SC
A medium-scale shopping center where the main tenants are a supermarket and specialty shops.
A medium-scale shopping center (SC) where the main tenant typically stocks general merchandise and groceries.
Supermarket/ other
A retail outlet that sells mainly food products or other facility.
Urban retail facility
A store that faces onto a main street or specialty store building located in a good urban location.
Land interest
Land interests in retail facilities.

Details on FRI’s Investment and Operational Policy

For details on FRI’s investment and operational policy, please refer to the file below.

File Index
FRI’s Investment Policy PDF(475KB) 1. Basic Policy
2. Investment Stance
3. Management Policy
Investment Targets PDF(461KB) 1. Types of Assets That Fall under Investment Targets
Distribution Policy PDF(454KB) 1. Profit Distribution
2. Cash Distribution Exceeding Profit
3. Distribution Method
4. Expiration Period for Distributions
5. Other
Investment RestrictionsPDF(459KB) 1. Investment Restrictions Based on the Articles of Incorporation
2. Other Investment Restrictions

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